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Pestcontrol Bristol

We are a competitive and friendly Pest Control company who specialise in both emergency call outs for pest treatment and planned, non-emergency pest control work. We are available 24 hours a day* and provide services including Mouse treatment, Ant treatment, Pest contracts and more.

Our highly skilled, knowledgeable team in the office and our punctual, friendly and helpful pest controllers are both dedicated to providing a prompt, top-rate service.

  • Ants in your ... house?

    We understand that ants can be a big nuisance, that's why here at Pest Control Bristol we have teams professionally trained in the removal of these pests. Call us on
    0800 051 8737

  • Buzzing about

    Bee's are harmless, but when provoked or scared, their sting can be quite painful. If you are concerned with a nest in or around your property, call us today.

  • Mice invasion?

    Mice are a common household pest that nurture behind your walls. Call us today for our professional mice removal team!

  • Pigeon removal

    Pigeons can migrate and live in the framework of your house. If you have spotted a nest or suspicious that these birds may be living in your house, call us today.

Services | What we provide

  • We operate a service 24 hours a day*, 7 days a week*.
  • There are no call-out charges at all.
  • There are free written estimates and quotes provided for our work.
  • We cover a large variety of emergency and non-emergency repairs.
  • Insurance approved work
  • Our engineers and technicians are fully qualified.
  • Our contractors are Police registered.
  • We provide a 30-90 minute response time for our work.*
  • We provide a high quality service at competitive rates.
  • We have a friendly and welcoming office staff.
  • Our competent and experienced engineers carry out repairs to both business and residential properties. We have pest controllers on call 24 hours a day* who will be your door within 30-90 minutes* for you. Alternatively we are always on call for non-emergency work if it is in your preference. We come under the trading name of Able Group.

    We provide a contract agreement service where we attend a pre-agreed number of times over the course of a year to inspect the property and treat any problems that may arise. Whether it is for health and safety reasons or solely your own peace of mind we are there for you.

    If you have no infestation but need a dead pest removed we can attend and remove the dead pest if it accessible without any mess or fuss.

    We are available 24 hours a day* for contact. Our friendly staff will answer your enquiries and provide quotations for the work you require. Upon booking of the work our engineers will be at your door within 30-90 minutes* to resolve the issue. Call us on 0800 051 8737

    We provide a contract agreement service where we attend a pre-agreed number of times over the course of a year to inspect the property and treat any problems that may arise. Whether it is for health and safety reasons or solely your own peace of mind we are there for you.

    If you are experiencing bites or have noticed small droppings in the house you may have a Bed Bug, Flea or Cockroach infestation. In the case of Bed Bugs or Fleas our pest controller attends and utilises a licensed, potent spray extensively through the property to destroy the infestation before it can spread further. In the case of Cockroaches sticky gel bait is applied in their areas of infestation and travel. This is a very successful method of treatment which leaves very little odour.

    Mice and Rats are a very common pest problem and infestations can be very stressful. Squirrels too can be a problem if they inhabit loft areas due to the amount of potential wiring and property damage they can cause. If you hear scratching then you most likely have an infestation. Fortunately we are on hand to help. The pest controller investigates the property and implements bait boxes and potent poison throughout the property. We will usually arrange a second visit at the time for a later date to retrieve the traps.

    If you report a Wasp or Bee swarm then don’t panic, they are looking to establish a nest and most swarms will leave on their own accord. If the problem persists then we can attend. If we can locate and access the nest we utilise potent sprays, powders or foams which are very effective in destroying the nest or colony. If you have a Honey or Bumble Bee nest we can remove the nest without killing the Bees due to their status as protected species.

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    We also offer a Bird deterrence service to prevent any unwelcome habitation by Birds in your property. Our standard and most effective methods of Bird deterrence is by using netting or spikes which makes it extremely difficult for Birds to get in. The effective application of netting and spikes take skill and care and our pest controllers pride themselves on their professionalism and their ability to provide a top-quality service.

    Insect infestations are typically treated using powders or sprays. Powder is very effective against Ants and sprays are effective against Moths, Flies and other insects.

    If you have a Mole infestation we can help. Moles damage not just the appearance of your garden or lawn but also its integrity. We use tried and tested effective methods of control through the use of killing traps which are inserted into a hole and kills the Moles on contact.